Use Right Toothbrush for the Baby

Teeth play a very important role in our life. They allow us to chew the food properly, provide shape to our face and facilitate the speech. Without the teeth, it is difficult to think of the existence. The adults can take care of their teeth on themselves but the children cant. They require the guidance and help of the adults to do it. to keep the teeth clean and healthy, brushing them twice a day is very essential, therefore the tooth brush must be chosen carefully especially in case of babies.

Babies are very sensitive and can be harmed even with minor carelessness. The adult teeth are strong therefore they can bear the pain and hardness of the hard bristled tooth brush but the new soft teeth of the baby are not able to withstand it. They require a soft bristled brush, which cleans the teeth and the gums gently, without harming them. The babytoothbrush should have a small head and a long handle so that it can fit into the mouth of the baby. Babies are not aware of the techniques to use toothbrush hence they can harm themselves with it, therefore brush their teeth yourself instead of allowing the baby to do it.
Along with the baby, brush the toothpaste used should not be the regular adult toothpaste. The adult paste contains several chemicals, which can pose threat to the gums of the baby. With just a little care and attention, you can help your baby to grow a healthy set of teeth in perfect condition. 
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