How to Take Care of the Milk Teeth

Milk teeth are the very first teeth the baby will have. The teeth do not last for more than 10 years and are consequently replaced with the new set of teeth by this age. However, the milk teeth play a very important role in laying a place for the adult teeth to grow properly. Even a slight damage to the milk teeth can stay with the baby for the rest of his life affecting its personal as well as social life. The milk teeth are very gentle in comparison to the adult teeth. They have thin enamel, which can be damaged due to bacteria or any other rough surface.

Since babies are unaware of the proper care regime, it is your duty to clean their teeth on time and teach them proper children dental health. Use small children’s toothbrush to brush the teeth of your kids. This brush should have soft bristles; therefore, it does not scrape off the enamel, hence exposing the teeth to further damage. Along with brushing the teeth of your baby, brush your teeth too in front of them. This will encourage them to use the toothbrush and learn the dental health quickly by following you.

Moreover, try to limit the intake of sweets by children until they have their full set of adult teeth. After brushing their teeth, you should not give them any to eat or drink which contains sweet as it can increase the chance of germ growth at night. Keep these few things in mind to provide healthy set of milk teeth to your kid.

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